4 reasons why to visit Kvarner Gulf in September

#1 Keep calm & enjoy the view that ROCKS!


Or simply keep calm as it’s definitely calmer. Everyone was discouraging me from going to Croatia in September. It might rain, it might be too cold, what’s the point to go there after the high season?

Swimming and snorkeling might be a reason. I tried snorkeling for the first time and it’s one of the things i need to repeat in the nearest future. Water may seem to be a it colder, however don’t bother that, as you snorkeling pushes you to move your feet and focus your mind on beautiful underwater views.  Moving your legs in the water rather than lying on the beach all day long will make you hungry quite fast.

croatia-mealOpatija and all small villages around offer many fantastic places with various types of food. The local cuisine however attracted me at most: grilled fish, seafood with great quality olive oil and herbs.

#2 No crowds behind you

Cres. It hard to express what I felt when I got there. It’s wild. To get there, you need to take a ferry, then drive around 40 km on the island to see the first city, Cres. croatia-cres

How lonely and static is this city surrounded by fields of dried ground, plants and overwhelming deep water. Few people, sound of waves pounding against the shore and small boats striking one on each other on the wavy water. But you can feel the life while hanging around the city at noon. People hiding in the small cafes, washed clothes hanged out outside the windows, fruit and vegetable fruits tempting passers to try and buy it.

#3 Make it cheaper or have it cheaper?

croatia-opatiaChoosing September for this travel destination can make you safe some money. I was lucky to wake up in the morning and enjoy the extraordinary view from my windows for a reasonable price, which wouldn’t be a case during the high season. Staying in Opatija was a great choice as it’s a good starting point for various trips.

#4 Traffic

It’s easier to drive wherever you want without getting furious in traffic jam stuck with other furious people willing to enjoy their holiday time. More parking places, more flexibility on the road, less stress, more fun. It’s not all about the cars, you will appreciate the space even as a pedestrian not getting heart attack trying to avoid masses of cars.

croatia - walking