Alternative shopping in Dusseldorf

Awesome bikeWhen it comes to shopping on Flea Market, you cannot think about practical stuff to buy. Even considering buying furniture turns to be a wish of something beautiful not for casual use.

I never thought Germany is so in need of unnecessary beautiful items to decorate their spacious apartments.

German taste was always for me much more practical and minimalist than the one of other nationalities.

I have at least one example – some German people simply don’t need decorations in their houses cause it is useless. I couldn’t believe them. So I decided to hunt for decoration useless stuff everywhere in Dusseldorf.

And then one of the rainy Saturdays I found myself desperately urged to admire small, strange objects to keep my eyes satisfied. Aachener Platz. Saturday midday.  Surrounded by the call of market sellers I felt invited to pass every single stall full out with trinkets to be bought by hungry buyers. Stay attentive. The best is not exactly within your reach. You need to really focus your eyes in order to get the hidden gems. Nothing can miss my attention, so I found what I was not looking for and decided straight that I need to buy it for my imaginary bike.

It is not only usefull but looks quite pretty. Sure, girly stuff, but who cares?  Obsessed with hunting for pretty unusefull things I found that:

Parking places

So the jewelery is quite practical on the parking space. I decided not to believe people anymore and considered German people not that practical as they claim.

Soya necklaceBut the last thing I saw that day was the real point of my trip. Soya sauce necklace. That is a killer argument.

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