Calm down my nerves…

I tried to work without any music in my ears. Several times. I don’t know if I have serious concentration problem or something but it’s just to silent for me. The more analytic work I have more music I need. The only moment I can do without listening to anything is when I have meetings. But then I have no choice, or I can simply ignore people around me which wouldn’t be that nice;) Just because you do a lot of things are you are even forced to do multitasking doesn’t mean that you need to listen to violent or dynamic tunes.Ambient, chill, japanese electronic music will not make you sleepy. Still, usually there are not many words, therefore you don’t need to focus on the meaning;)

Soundcloud can be inspiring and actually it turned me into chill out music exploration.

Quelaion – saudade

Jon Hopkins – Light thought the veins

Some fantastic sounds from already known artist. Not sure how it can go live, i cannot imagine.

Yakamoto Kotzuga – Your smell

Slow, deep Japanese tunes

Haruka Nakamura & Nujabes – Lamb

There is something positive and promising in Japanese electronic music. You can feel the smile, positive and naiveness. Exactly like in the Manga movies

Nanofingers – Satellite villages

I would never call it depressing, rather progressive deep sound

Superpitcher – Delta

Definately good for reporting. Sounds are like figures. Show quickly, calculation and resulting with beautiful tone

Origamibiro – Quad 

My very recent discovery, so optimistic, especially in the morning when you feel like you really don’t want to open your laptop. Slowly getting you in the activity mood

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