Who cares about the publicity.. but

dior publicityI am almost never interested in any sort of advertising, especially in TV, simply because usually I don’t watch TV. Funny thing is that last time I turned on TV I found Fashion TV channel’s program showing the best fashion advertising movies.

I need to admit that I’ve never seen such well made advert movies. It is like everything matches there, music, model,  environment, buildings, clothes, movements.

Especially the Dior “Secret Garden” video with Rihanna playing a role inside the Versailles palace. Amazing. So is Rihanna there. Elegant, charming, a bit misterious. The only thing that worries me is that I may not be the exact target for Dior adverts;) Or maybe I am, I just need to wait couple of years to be able to afford such clothes, or should I choose the other way, just to get to Versailles and just behave like Rihanna:)

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