Bitter-sweet symphony

I am convicted it’s because of the winter time’s fault, still I am gingerbread obsessed. In fact, the biggest inspiration goes from one visit in the fabulous restaurant in French Sologne, Le Moulin de Villiers. Not only the place was amazing with the old grain mill transformed into the charming hotel, surrounded by forest and small lakes.

And then they served a dessert. Gingerbread ice-cream cake with fantastic vanilla filling composed with creme anglaise. My first thought was that I would never think about composing gingerbread with ice-cream filling. Time to be more creative I guess.

So how Internet can inspire me in this case?

Mille-feuille glace a la banane


Again.. gingerbread, but this time decorated with taste of coffee, mascarpone and cranberry sauce. Lemon arome would also be a good match I guess.


That is enough challenge for Xmas preparation time. At least for the Ginger taste