5 souvenirs to buy when travelling

Besides all the souvenirs that I gather in my head I always missed the ones that I could keep at home. There are souvenirs that I cannot simply capture and take with me in my bag. I have an incredible memory for smells and sounds. I could actually record everything I hear and then compose a song out of all the sounds I managed to register. Still do not have solution for the smells. The most recent travel souvenirs I bought was xmas decoration I brought from Copenhagen. I would say these were the healthiest Christmas baubles I have ever seen.

Copenhague, Xmas decoration

1. Magnets. Sounds boring and obvious but that is something I never forget to buy when I discover new places. Perhaps because I always put all the magnet in one place, at the kitchen door and the postcards on the dining room door. Great place for the reflexions. Easy, not heavy and pretty much decorative.

2. Sweets. Love it, but it does not last for long. Usually it last only for the trip back home. If I had more patience and resistance I could invest more in local sweet when travelling. I prefer to buy them anyway in international shops.

3. Clothes. I guess these are the best souvenirs I brought from other places. Even If I go to my country I love to buy some new clothes there. Also for a sentimental reasons, let’s say I like to support my own country’s economy.

4. Tech gadgets. No my thing. Although I understand people who do it, I think I am not geek enough to do it.

5. Spices, coffee or tea. That is definitely my taste. Finnish or Ukrainian tea, spices bought in France, Italian coffee. Even if it taste only for a while, still it lasts longer than a piece of chocolate.

And all that just because I cannot wait to visit Japan in few days.

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