How to pack your bag for a trip to Japan?

So I have a travel suitcase bought on purpose as a hand luggage and a planned 10 days trip to Japan. As usual my goal is to take only the necessary things and I think this time I planned it really well. 9 kg of luggage, enough to have still some spare place in the suitcase to bring some great souvenirs from Japan.

  1. Plan well each day of your trip and check the weather.

    That helps to choose clothes and perfectly and match each of them with your day plan. Here is how I do it:

  • flight – comfortable leggings and t-shirt, hoodie or pullover, socks
  • visiting Tokyo in December (2-3 days) – trekking trousers, comfortable sneakers, 3 t-shirts, pullover, windproof jacket, additional short jacket if necessary (evenings might be a bit colder)
  • beach day in Okinawa – swimming suit, summer trousers, windproof jacket
  • visiting Naha (20 or more degrees) – leggings or summer trousers, windproof jacket, t-shirt
  • Underwear of course:)
  • flip flops, 2 pair of sneakers, summer shoes comfortable enough for walking
  • small handbag or a backpack

2. Where do you sleep – check room amenities.

There is no point taking shower gel or a shampoo if your hostel or hotel provides them unless you need a special product. I took both, a shampoo and shower gel knowing that 3 people will use it.Make up product as well, but anyways it does not take a lot of space. Contact lenses – I use the daily ones, so I took 4 pairs for 4 days.

3. Accessories like sunglasses, nail file,

4. Medicines – painkillers, plasters

5. 2 Books, maps, guides, of course pdfs are better

6. Japanese power adapter, phone charger

That is really enough. Of course it is always better to find a hostel with working washing machine and a clothes dryer, but even without it you can make it.

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