Electroniczna przekaska

Ciezko mi powiedziec czy moge uznac cala plyte Bang za zniewalajaca, poniewaz jedynie utwor Delta przypadl mi do gustu, a raczej porzadnie mnie oczarowal.

Niewiele muzycznych niespodzianek pojawia sie na polskim elektronicznym rynku muzycznym. Potrzeba cierpliwosci zeby czyms pozytywnie sie zaskoczyc.

Utwor rozpoczyna sie delikatnie, troche jak wschod slonca pojawiajacy sie po ledwo przespanej nocy. W mocno zwolnionym tempie, leniwie rozpedza sie na chwile, by za chwile znow zwolnic do spokojnego tempa. W tle bicie serca, poprzeplatane emocje, mnostwo kolorow, pojawiajacych sie w bardziej dynamicznych momentach utworu. Nietypowy, bo dobry i na sen i na pobudke.


Coming home on Friday evening

London spoiled me last 3 days with incredible sunny and not rainy weather. It is one of those moment when you realise you should not have taken your winter jacket. Sun, London, airport, flight – all that is just perfect to wear your headphones, close yourself in your inner world and think, analyse, dream, plan. I found another song inspiring to focus, think and write down my notes.

I would say there is something close to Florence and the machine in that sound, but in more ambient, less rocky way. Melody develops exactly as I like, slowly with calmly playing guitars accompanied with electronic sounds and lazy, sleepy voice.

Quirky food in Japan

The more you fight with any obsessions the more of them you get. Onigiri – not only a perfect breakfast idea, but also a great snack with various fillings. Anytime.

Onigiri - Japanese sandwich
Onigiri – Japanese sandwich
Japanese breakfast in Tokyo
Japanese breakfast in Tokyo







Buying food in Japanese supermarkets, for example as Lawson, is a fantastic adventure, since unless you do not know Japanese language and food, there is no way to guess what are you choosing. Surely you can judge by a smell, texture or consistency, however, trust me, it is not obvious. But it is fun for sure so I recommend to everyone to play this game and enjoy the results.

My big dream was to visit Japanese ice cream shop with fancy, quirky and not obvious flavours. Actually instead of looking for something very unique and not for the masses, I tried quite known brand in Okinawa Naha, Blue seal. Enough to try something new among flavours like: Ryukyu Milk tea, Shiiquasa Sherbet, Ube, my favourite Beni-imo, Okinawa Salt cookies, Okinawa Ta-imo cheesecake, Choco Matcha.

Blue seal - Okinawa, ice cream and more
Blue seal – Okinawa, ice cream and more
Okinawa icecream - Blue seal
Okinawa icecream – Blue seal







Beniimo was my favourite. I guess I was not the only one with such opinion as Okinawa people decided to make most of the sweets with Beniimo feeling. Do not think there is any enormous magic behind this name, as Beni Imo means sweet potato. Bit this is what I love in Japan, the they can use very simple ingredients to prepare a fabulous meal.

Pineapple everywhere not always with a pen
Pineapple everywhere not always with a pen
Beniimo - sweet purple potato
Beniimo – sweet purple potato







Lactic acid drink was one of the worst surprises at least for me.  Strange, however refreshing during warm Okinawa nights or afternoon flights to Tokyo.

Lactic acid drink
Lactic acid drink

Working time

Depending on your work environment and tasks specificity everyone might have its own way to cope with stress and lack of motivation. Music might be a key but I think it is important to bear in mind that it should match with the tasks being executed. My brilliant theory is that some rhythms and melodies influence on your performance speed and therefore the motivation.

Today’s discovery, perfect for the reporting time. Calm, not disturbing, keeps you in a good mood but does not distract at all.

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