Ambient nie przestaje zadziwiac

Czasem dobrze jest zabladzic w sieci, zwlaszcza tej muzycznej na Youtube, pomiedzy playlistami tworzonymi przez zwyklych lub mniej zwyklych uzytkownikow tego kanalu, czy wytwornie muzyczne. W ten nieskomplikowany sposob odkrylam ambientowy kawalek formacji o wdziecznej i dosc tajemniczej nazwie Gaussian Curve. Zawsze fascynowaly mnie nazwy ambientowych grup, a zwlaszcza ta, momentalnie wywolala wyobrazenie szalonego matematyko-analityka, ktory po godzinach odstresowuje sie komponujac ambientowe formuly.

Od The Distance dosc szybko powedrowalam w kierunku Broken clouds, ktore, wbrew tytulowi wyjatkowo koily moja zestresowana dusze.

Moja podrás bynajmniej nie zakonczyla sie na Broken Clouds, bo zatrzymalam sie na kolejnym przystanku, rowniez pochmurnym, choc nie az tak Broken, jak utwor Gaussian Curve. Gigi Masin przyczynil sie do powstania Broken Clouds we wspolpracy z Gaussian Curve nagrywajac go w Amsterdamskim Red Light district, o czym dowiedzialam sie jakis czas pozniej.


Paper wedding decorations

By rule, I am not a fan of keeping cut flowers at home not even offering them to people as it is so transient. As I decided that the wedding party should be nothing but as myself and my husband let’s not make it obvious even if very often and for most of the people from the outside it looks that way. I already had couple of ideas in my head but internet can double the amount of ideas quite quickly.

So I saw this website and I asked myself why my name is not Alicia, as the concept definitely fits into my own inner wonderland.

Giant paper flowers

Giant paper flowers

I would not  attempt to make them for my wedding as it would take one year according to my optimistic estimations, but they looks just great. I guess it is extremely easy to get them online, from Etsy, or other online creative marketplaces. To hold them in your hand, to put the on the guests tables or at the entrance to your wedding location. Lovely, tasty, colourful.


Everyone who thing it is exaggerated should better not say anything or keep it for himself or just follow the tradition of real flower decoration.


As I am completely freak about everything Japanese related I find this concept just perfect.

Paper chains, garlands

This looks a bit easier to prepare but still time is money, there is no need to make thousand of kilometres of paper garlands, chains, couple of them would definitely do the job at the window decoration or around dancing hall.

Instead of flowers, even the paper ones

Paper pompons

Yes, made of the material, not even of paper, usually you would use them to hang around the dancing hall or above the guests table, but this idea rocked.

Paper mills

As a never growing kid, I love every kind of toy and I love when other people share my passion for that. I guess wedding is a perfect excuses to pretend we are still kids, so why shall we not amuse ourselves playing?


Wedding favours for our beloved guests

Paper fans, kaleidoscopes..




Your guests might think you are crazy afterwards but at first they will have fun:)




3 biggest suprises in Tokyo

When I came back from Japan my friend asked me what surprised me there the most?

Gardens along the river

It might sound a little but corny, but I realized I have never taken a water bus in any city i visited. As usual I suspect there must be something exciting to focus on there. In general, Tokyo with its perfectly planned urban space has a lot to offer to the curious travelers. Since I was using metro almost the whole time in Tokyo, a water bus was a nice change. I took a trip from Hamarikyu Gardens in the very south of the city to the northern Asakusa.

What I found extremely attractive was how the nature is composed with the housings and streets. With all the massive housing across the city there are so many green spaces, gardens, parks. Between Hamarikyu Gardens and Asakusa, along the river, there are amazing green mini-alleys, probably also for pedestrians, cyclists:

  • Azumabashi Park
  • left shore of Sumida river, near to Binji bridge
  • both shores from  Binji bridge till Bashoinari Shrine
  • green area close to Tokaiinari Shrine
  • many more, however it is not obvious the find the names:)

Silence in the metro

Yes. Stay calm and keep silence says Japanese savour vivre. What a wonderful feeling. However how painful it is to go outside the metro, especialy if you go directly to a shopping mall:) What is even more interesting is that you should not eat there, well you should not eat outside in general. With such enormous choice of restaurants it is not that difficult.

Sings in the trains with hilarious English translations

That is definitely something to observe when entering a train in Tokyo. In most of the ads and train signs you will see animals (probably pandas or cats) or funny creatures instead of people. It really reminds of comics.

Panda signs in Japan metro
Panda signs in Japan metro
Cat signs in Japanese metro
Cat signs in Japanese metro

Not seeing is a flower.

Visiting Tokyo may give the impression of being overwhelmed with the advertising, music, shops and products. Everything is screaming and begging to be bought. That is the reality in almost all districts I saw in Tokyo. The fact that everything is written in Japanese characters makes you feel even more lost in this unknown world.
I believe there is a second dimension there, hidden under all that blinks, glitters and scream at you. People. Calm, quiet, silently using the public transportation. Huge amount of people not speaking loudly in the public spaces, not smoking between others and often not even looking at you staying focused on their phone screens or listening to the music.

I could easily say that even if Shibuya, Ginza are the top known districts of Tokyo, it did not impress me that much although the big brands shop windows are impressive. It is good to see them, as it is an incredibly unique shopping experience, however I felt more attracted by other areas: Shinjuku small bars close to the Shinjuku shanchome station, Asakusa surroundings around Senso-ji temple. More traditional, wooden with a spirit.

It is not difficult to plan a visit in Tokyo for someone who likes to walk a lot. I had 2 full days + a bit of evening time after arrival to Tokyo.

Japan 4-13.12 8 days + 2flight days 4-5, 13.12

4.12 Morning flight to Helsinki, connecting flight to Tokyo,

5.12 landed at 10:30 at Narita airport. Train to Oshiage station from Narita 1h20. Walking to Asakusa smile hostel. Lunch next to the hostel at 13:00 and check in at 14:00. Just for the record, if a restaurant offers you Saba, it means Mackerel:)

I was avoiding it but really needed 1-2h of nap in our Asakusa hostel. Thanks to this I was able to have a walk around Asakusa afterwards. Evening visit at Sensoji temple is just amazing.

Senso-ji temple asakusa

Senso-ji temple asakusa






We did not have enough so we decided to go to Shibuya, have a walk around Center gai, shopping street and to have a dinner there.

6.12 Morning Ginza walk along Chuo dori, admiring the architecture and street shops.

shibuya center gai








Not far from Ginza we found the Tsukiji fish market and took a obligatory sushi lunch. We went a bit into the south and saw the amazing Hamarikyu gardens.

Hamarikyu gardens - teahouse








Such a colourful place in late autumn. Since the weather was perfect we decided to take a Waterbus to Asakusa. Straight from the water’s we took a Metro to Akihabara where we were enjoying shops, games, maid cafes and quirky ice cream. Evening time was just right to check Shinjuku with streets full of music shops, Golden gai small Japanese bars that sometimes can fit only 3-4 people, probably only to drink or to have a small snack.

Tokyo government building view at Yoyogi park








Golden Gai Shinjuku
Golden Gai Shinjuku











7.12 Trip to Mitaka to Ghibli museum. Then Shinjuku Tokyo Government Building with q great panorama view on Tokyo.

I could not miss seeing Panda at Ueno Zoo. They might not be the most active animals ever, but trust me , you can watch them eating the bamboo leaves for a long time..Cuteness kawaii level hard.









The evening was totally fulfilled by Kabuki performance at Ginza Kabuki-za theatre building. Only 30 minutes, but so rich and full of emotions, sounds, movements.












8.12 Flying to Okinawa, Naha. Weekly harbour view hostel. Arrival at 16:00. We still had some time after arrival so we decided to check the Naminoue beach with the shrine next to it.

9.12 Snorkeling trip to Kerama Islands with Seagir Naha team.

season snorkeling
season snorkeling











Evening walk to Kokadori Shopping street and ice cream at Blue seal. Sweet potato ice cream is a must.

Blue seal ice cream
Blue seal ice cream
Sweet potato pastries
Sweet potato pastries










10.12 bus trip to Okinawa world, seeing caves, craft village with Ryukyu glass crafts and pottery.










11.12 Going out of Okinawa biggest island towards Tokashiku Islands to get some sun at Aharen beach. It is a pity we stayed there only one day.










12.12 Going back to Tokyo, Asakusa hotel wasou ryokan with futons, tatami floor, Japanese tea and shortbreads.

Evening trip to Odaiba for shopping and relaxing at Onsen.

Odaiba shopping district
Odaiba shopping district
Odaiba shopping district
Odaiba shopping district
Odaiba shopping district
Odaiba shopping district

Japanese key words:

Lawson store, Izakazya, futon, ramen, Saba, asahi and yebisu beer, Benito, sweet potato, Hokkaido style yoghurt, naruto, tempura udon, gyoza, matcha bread and cookies, matcha baumkuchen, jasmin cold tea in bottles, milk tea, warm drink machines, plum wine,