Working time

Depending on your work environment and tasks specificity everyone might have its own way to cope with stress and lack of motivation. Music might be a key but I think it is important to bear in mind that it should match with the tasks being executed. My brilliant theory is that some rhythms and melodies influence on your performance speed and therefore the motivation.

Today’s discovery, perfect for the reporting time. Calm, not disturbing, keeps you in a good mood but does not distract at all.

Similar one to keep in the loop:

And another one perfectly matching:


Like porcelain

Apparat – Like Porcelain

Cannot get enough of what I have discovered. Nothing surprising, just my normal habit when I get addicted to a song and just cannot skip it to another one.

I suppose this is why many moments of my life are connected to some specific songs, as I tend to listen to the same one for more than few times in a raw when doing something. That was also the case when I was reading a fantastic book of Jacek Hugo-Bader “Dlugi film o milosc”. Story about the winter expedition to Himalaya’s Broad Peak in 2013. Extremely exciting and in a way frightening.

This song perfectly fits to the story, epic moments, dialogues, pictures from the mountains. I can almost feel the temperature during the winter mountain expedition. Perhaps because I was reading it on my way to Danemark for my own wedding ceremony.

Cold. Like Porcelain. Listen to this song and imagine you are in the mountains surrounded by the winter nature and fresh air.