Dream of South American sweets

So I went to the Peruvian restaurant some time go and as much as I was interested in the whole menu, the first thought thet popped out in my mind was to spot the desserts.

Alfajores are good. Cannot say more as one cookie did not satisfy my cravings. They are good though, but just not amazing for my taste. I was expecting something more intense like Suspiro Limeno.

Honestly, no one can understand my passion for condensed milk. I decided to build my own sweetness overload list:

Pastries, sweets, dessert, you name it!



If you can make it easy, complicate it

You can make a simple cake without bigger efforts, but sometimes one layer is not enough. One taste neither.

Torta de mil hojas

Milhojas cake looks to die, but good luck with 1000 layers, people from Chile, I could steak to only 8, as it reminds me of the recipe of Russian Napoleon or Miodovnik (Medovnik) cake. Not the layers picked my interest, but Dulce de lece, Cooked condensed milk, Lacheta, my favorite kind of sweet, that I could never give up. And I could give up a lot of other sweets or desserts, cookies, chocolate bars that I do not even touch or look at them.

Dulche de leche seems to be the most common ingredient of South America desserts. I am wondering how big is the difference in taste between the European and American version. Something tells me the European one might be less intense. I would not even bother compose it with anything else, as eating it directly from the can or mug is the best concept.

I looked a bit deeper into some other desserts with dulce de leche:

Dulce de leche FUDGE: http://portandfin.com/egg-nog-dulce-de-leche-fudge-swirl/
Chocolate cola cake with toasted coconut and pecan icing: http://www.completelydelicious.com/2015/01/chocolate-cola-cake-with-toasted-coconut-and-pecan-icing.html#comment-85703
Salted caramel chocolates: http://www.quirkycooking.com.au/2015/03/salted-caramel-chocolates-dairy-free/