When in Finland do as the Finnish do

How about waking up at 5 o clock in the morning with a view to die for and not being sleepy?

The first night in Helsinki my friends gave me the sleep masks just in case. Fully aware of early Finnish sunrise and mentally prepared for that I did not think about the incredible intense dazzling sun rays in so early morning hours. I blame them when I could not sleep at 5 o clock in the morning, but once I took a look at the window view I immediately forgave the sun his courageous behaviour.

Another suprise was to discover that in Finland you may not have a big flat or spacious balcony but you will definately find a sauna (saunoa) in the building you live. Spacious, relaxing where even small kids are able to spend 3-4x more time than me. I was told that in the winter time after a sauna session the biggest pleasure and fun is to go outside, at the balcony to take some fresh air.

Finland Helsinki Katajanokka
Helsinki Katajanokka


Finnish window view from the sauna




I think my friends quickly realised that I really enjoy trying local food when travelling. First and one of the tastiest Finnish experience was Saaristolaisleipä, Finnish bread with molasses. I did not need anything else to eat bread with to be honest.


Voileipäkakku (swedish:Smörgåstårta), sandwhich cake surprised my totally as I did not expect a cake to taste like a sandwich with ham, cheese and tomatoes.

Finland can surprise Poles for sure from the language perspective but also when it comes to the fruit choice. Cloudberries (Lakka), Lingonberries, Bilberries look and taste a bit more exotic not only in the marmelade form but also as a tea drink.

Finnish  lingonberry  (puolukka) jelly
Finnish mint (minttu) jelly








I would not be myself without finding curiosities such as Moomin shaped houses or houses itself. I understood wher the Moomins house shape comes from when I saw some old buildings in Helsinki´s island, Katanajokka.

Moomins (Muumit) house
Moomins houses








Helsinki, may 2016 – calm, colorful, lot of strange shapes, design shops, interesting clothes, specific and intense sunlight from a different angle, fantastic ice cream, spacious apartments, kick scooters, bikes, finnish language, Fazer chocolate, italla, marimekko, Moomins.