Electroniczna przekaska

Ciezko mi powiedziec czy moge uznac cala plyte Bang za zniewalajaca, poniewaz jedynie utwor Delta przypadl mi do gustu, a raczej porzadnie mnie oczarowal.

Niewiele muzycznych niespodzianek pojawia sie na polskim elektronicznym rynku muzycznym. Potrzeba cierpliwosci zeby czyms pozytywnie sie zaskoczyc.

Utwor rozpoczyna sie delikatnie, troche jak wschod slonca pojawiajacy sie po ledwo przespanej nocy. W mocno zwolnionym tempie, leniwie rozpedza sie na chwile, by za chwile znow zwolnic do spokojnego tempa. W tle bicie serca, poprzeplatane emocje, mnostwo kolorow, pojawiajacych sie w bardziej dynamicznych momentach utworu. Nietypowy, bo dobry i na sen i na pobudke.


Working time

Depending on your work environment and tasks specificity everyone might have its own way to cope with stress and lack of motivation. Music might be a key but I think it is important to bear in mind that it should match with the tasks being executed. My brilliant theory is that some rhythms and melodies influence on your performance speed and therefore the motivation.

Today’s discovery, perfect for the reporting time. Calm, not disturbing, keeps you in a good mood but does not distract at all.

Similar one to keep in the loop:

And another one perfectly matching:


Release unreleased

Not good enough to be a part of the released disc? Could be a great position next to The Escapist song of Coldplay, but somehow has not been released. It is this delicate and incredibly peaceful part of Coldplay music that can be sometimes heard in other songs, however only as a background or a small part. Who told that music needs to be complicated, noisy and chaotic to drive emotions?

There is something that gives me motivation and inspires for a journey or change. Perhaps because I need it at this moment in my life. To release unreleased.

Calm down my nerves…

I tried to work without any music in my ears. Several times. I don’t know if I have serious concentration problem or something but it’s just to silent for me. The more analytic work I have more music I need. The only moment I can do without listening to anything is when I have meetings. But then I have no choice, or I can simply ignore people around me which wouldn’t be that nice;) Just because you do a lot of things are you are even forced to do multitasking doesn’t mean that you need to listen to violent or dynamic tunes.Ambient, chill, japanese electronic music will not make you sleepy. Still, usually there are not many words, therefore you don’t need to focus on the meaning;)

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