How to motivate yourself

I think I am the last person to talk about this since usually I need to force myself to do make my heart beating faster. It is like avoiding the most natural and the easiest way to stimulate yourself and to stay positive without eating sweets or drinking alkohol. Sounds easy but when it comes to self-motivation to do it is definately more complicated. What is worse in my case, I have also went through a very dangerous step when I try to find excuses why doing sport can be harmful for a body. I needed a good triger, the right driver to finaly move myself.

I have heard about Simone Moro for the first time when I was reading a book of Martyna Wojciechowska, crazy Polish power girl, not only in terms of sport but I would say in everything she is doing. Also when she decided to climb Mount Everest in 2006, what actually she describes in her book, Przesunac Horyzont. That was the moment where she met Simone Moro, Italian himalaist. I found his personality extremely positive and supportive which, I can imagine, makes him the perfect hiking companion. Inspired, I decided to dig more into what he was doing and I realised he also wrote his stories in The Call of The Ice.

Hard to compare myself to someone who climbed 8000 meter peaks, especially in the winter time, but it definately inspired me to move at least a bit for now. So well, let´s GYM I decided. I said that two weeks ago so still everything might happen but I stay positive. Let´s count, when I will start to miss my gym days and feeling like I cannot wait to do it. So far the good thing is that after the workout I feel much better not only physically, but also start to believe that soon i will have new addiction.