Paper wedding decorations

By rule, I am not a fan of keeping cut flowers at home not even offering them to people as it is so transient. As I decided that the wedding party should be nothing but as myself and my husband let’s not make it obvious even if very often and for most of the people from the outside it looks that way. I already had couple of ideas in my head but internet can double the amount of ideas quite quickly.

So I saw this website and I asked myself why my name is not Alicia, as the concept definitely fits into my own inner wonderland.

Giant paper flowers

Giant paper flowers

I would not  attempt to make them for my wedding as it would take one year according to my optimistic estimations, but they looks just great. I guess it is extremely easy to get them online, from Etsy, or other online creative marketplaces. To hold them in your hand, to put the on the guests tables or at the entrance to your wedding location. Lovely, tasty, colourful.


Everyone who thing it is exaggerated should better not say anything or keep it for himself or just follow the tradition of real flower decoration.


As I am completely freak about everything Japanese related I find this concept just perfect.

Paper chains, garlands

This looks a bit easier to prepare but still time is money, there is no need to make thousand of kilometres of paper garlands, chains, couple of them would definitely do the job at the window decoration or around dancing hall.

Instead of flowers, even the paper ones

Paper pompons

Yes, made of the material, not even of paper, usually you would use them to hang around the dancing hall or above the guests table, but this idea rocked.

Paper mills

As a never growing kid, I love every kind of toy and I love when other people share my passion for that. I guess wedding is a perfect excuses to pretend we are still kids, so why shall we not amuse ourselves playing?


Wedding favours for our beloved guests

Paper fans, kaleidoscopes..




Your guests might think you are crazy afterwards but at first they will have fun:)




Quirky food in Japan

The more you fight with any obsessions the more of them you get. Onigiri – not only a perfect breakfast idea, but also a great snack with various fillings. Anytime.

Onigiri - Japanese sandwich
Onigiri – Japanese sandwich
Japanese breakfast in Tokyo
Japanese breakfast in Tokyo







Buying food in Japanese supermarkets, for example as Lawson, is a fantastic adventure, since unless you do not know Japanese language and food, there is no way to guess what are you choosing. Surely you can judge by a smell, texture or consistency, however, trust me, it is not obvious. But it is fun for sure so I recommend to everyone to play this game and enjoy the results.

My big dream was to visit Japanese ice cream shop with fancy, quirky and not obvious flavours. Actually instead of looking for something very unique and not for the masses, I tried quite known brand in Okinawa Naha, Blue seal. Enough to try something new among flavours like: Ryukyu Milk tea, Shiiquasa Sherbet, Ube, my favourite Beni-imo, Okinawa Salt cookies, Okinawa Ta-imo cheesecake, Choco Matcha.

Blue seal - Okinawa, ice cream and more
Blue seal – Okinawa, ice cream and more
Okinawa icecream - Blue seal
Okinawa icecream – Blue seal







Beniimo was my favourite. I guess I was not the only one with such opinion as Okinawa people decided to make most of the sweets with Beniimo feeling. Do not think there is any enormous magic behind this name, as Beni Imo means sweet potato. Bit this is what I love in Japan, the they can use very simple ingredients to prepare a fabulous meal.

Pineapple everywhere not always with a pen
Pineapple everywhere not always with a pen
Beniimo - sweet purple potato
Beniimo – sweet purple potato







Lactic acid drink was one of the worst surprises at least for me.  Strange, however refreshing during warm Okinawa nights or afternoon flights to Tokyo.

Lactic acid drink
Lactic acid drink

3 biggest suprises in Tokyo

When I came back from Japan my friend asked me what surprised me there the most?

Gardens along the river

It might sound a little but corny, but I realized I have never taken a water bus in any city i visited. As usual I suspect there must be something exciting to focus on there. In general, Tokyo with its perfectly planned urban space has a lot to offer to the curious travelers. Since I was using metro almost the whole time in Tokyo, a water bus was a nice change. I took a trip from Hamarikyu Gardens in the very south of the city to the northern Asakusa.

What I found extremely attractive was how the nature is composed with the housings and streets. With all the massive housing across the city there are so many green spaces, gardens, parks. Between Hamarikyu Gardens and Asakusa, along the river, there are amazing green mini-alleys, probably also for pedestrians, cyclists:

  • Azumabashi Park
  • left shore of Sumida river, near to Binji bridge
  • both shores from  Binji bridge till Bashoinari Shrine
  • green area close to Tokaiinari Shrine
  • many more, however it is not obvious the find the names:)

Silence in the metro

Yes. Stay calm and keep silence says Japanese savour vivre. What a wonderful feeling. However how painful it is to go outside the metro, especialy if you go directly to a shopping mall:) What is even more interesting is that you should not eat there, well you should not eat outside in general. With such enormous choice of restaurants it is not that difficult.

Sings in the trains with hilarious English translations

That is definitely something to observe when entering a train in Tokyo. In most of the ads and train signs you will see animals (probably pandas or cats) or funny creatures instead of people. It really reminds of comics.

Panda signs in Japan metro
Panda signs in Japan metro
Cat signs in Japanese metro
Cat signs in Japanese metro

How to pack your bag for a trip to Japan?

So I have a travel suitcase bought on purpose as a hand luggage and a planned 10 days trip to Japan. As usual my goal is to take only the necessary things and I think this time I planned it really well. 9 kg of luggage, enough to have still some spare place in the suitcase to bring some great souvenirs from Japan.

  1. Plan well each day of your trip and check the weather.

    That helps to choose clothes and perfectly and match each of them with your day plan. Here is how I do it:

  • flight – comfortable leggings and t-shirt, hoodie or pullover, socks
  • visiting Tokyo in December (2-3 days) – trekking trousers, comfortable sneakers, 3 t-shirts, pullover, windproof jacket, additional short jacket if necessary (evenings might be a bit colder)
  • beach day in Okinawa – swimming suit, summer trousers, windproof jacket
  • visiting Naha (20 or more degrees) – leggings or summer trousers, windproof jacket, t-shirt
  • Underwear of course:)
  • flip flops, 2 pair of sneakers, summer shoes comfortable enough for walking
  • small handbag or a backpack

2. Where do you sleep – check room amenities.

There is no point taking shower gel or a shampoo if your hostel or hotel provides them unless you need a special product. I took both, a shampoo and shower gel knowing that 3 people will use it.Make up product as well, but anyways it does not take a lot of space. Contact lenses – I use the daily ones, so I took 4 pairs for 4 days.

3. Accessories like sunglasses, nail file,

4. Medicines – painkillers, plasters

5. 2 Books, maps, guides, of course pdfs are better

6. Japanese power adapter, phone charger

That is really enough. Of course it is always better to find a hostel with working washing machine and a clothes dryer, but even without it you can make it.