Paper wedding decorations

By rule, I am not a fan of keeping cut flowers at home not even offering them to people as it is so transient. As I decided that the wedding party should be nothing but as myself and my husband let’s not make it obvious even if very often and for most of the people from the outside it looks that way. I already had couple of ideas in my head but internet can double the amount of ideas quite quickly.

So I saw this website and I asked myself why my name is not Alicia, as the concept definitely fits into my own inner wonderland.

Giant paper flowers

Giant paper flowers

I would not  attempt to make them for my wedding as it would take one year according to my optimistic estimations, but they looks just great. I guess it is extremely easy to get them online, from Etsy, or other online creative marketplaces. To hold them in your hand, to put the on the guests tables or at the entrance to your wedding location. Lovely, tasty, colourful.


Everyone who thing it is exaggerated should better not say anything or keep it for himself or just follow the tradition of real flower decoration.


As I am completely freak about everything Japanese related I find this concept just perfect.

Paper chains, garlands

This looks a bit easier to prepare but still time is money, there is no need to make thousand of kilometres of paper garlands, chains, couple of them would definitely do the job at the window decoration or around dancing hall.

Instead of flowers, even the paper ones

Paper pompons

Yes, made of the material, not even of paper, usually you would use them to hang around the dancing hall or above the guests table, but this idea rocked.

Paper mills

As a never growing kid, I love every kind of toy and I love when other people share my passion for that. I guess wedding is a perfect excuses to pretend we are still kids, so why shall we not amuse ourselves playing?


Wedding favours for our beloved guests

Paper fans, kaleidoscopes..




Your guests might think you are crazy afterwards but at first they will have fun:)